Floyd Hilton has 17 years of software development experience in many domains including semiconductor manufacturing, financial aid delivery, energy conservation and healthcare.

Floyd has been described as being the “voice of reason” and having a “calming effect” on the hectic world of software. He has enjoyed wearing many hats such as full stack web developer, project manager, application architect and director of development.

His current interests are leveraging Agile process and DevOps to help software teams move toward continuous delivery, working with Docker containers, and improving architecture using domain driven design.

Floyd also enjoys helping others discover the awesome career of being a software developer. He co-founded the Augusta Polyglot Group which meets once a month to teach and learn new languages. He has been teaching kids to program using a mixture of Linux, Scratch and Python and has given conference talks on Software Deployment and getting SQL into Version Control.

If he’s not writing code, Floyd can be found mountain biking in the Maine woods with his family.

Floyd’s current tools of choice are VS Code, C#, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Python, Git, Octopus Deploy, Docker, SQL Server and Microsoft Azure.