When I first started this blog, I went through the process of setting up Jekyll locally on my Mac so that I could preview posts.

Recently I’ve been doing more work in Windows and wanted to be able to work on my blog without booting up my Mac.

My friend James pointed out on his blog jamessturtevant.com that it’s really easy to get Jekyll running on Windows using Docker so I thought I’d give it a try.

Here are the steps I took based on James advice:

Install Docker for Windows

See instructions here:
Docker for Windows

Checkout Blog Source

Check out the blog source code to C:\Code

PS C:\> git clone https://github.com/fhilton/fhilton.github.io.git C:\Code\

Run Jekyll

Run the following command

PS C:\> docker run -it -p 4000:4000 -v C:/Code/fhilton.github.io:/site itzg/jekyll-github-pages

Which produces the following output

Configuration file: /site/_config.yml
  Source: /site
  Destination: /site/_site
Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use –watch
Configuration file: /site/_config.yml
  Server address:
  Server running… press ctrl-c to stop.

The above command tells docker to

  • run the itzg/jekyll-github-pages image
  • bind /site in the image to C:\Code\fhilton.github.io
  • bind port 4000 of our docker host to port 4000 of the container

Browse Away!

Next browse to http://localhost:4000 and the blog is served!

Blog is Served